To My Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

To my best friend on her wedding day,

Well here you are, the day that you’ve dreamt about for years and have spent months planning for…

The day you say ‘I do’.love quote

You will get up in the morning after sleeping maybe an hour or two.

You will get your hair and makeup done with your girls. You will put on your dress. You will make your momma cry happy tears.

You are always beautiful but today you will have a special glow. People will stop and stare and you will take your soon-to-be husband’s breath away. 

You will take many(many) photos with your friends and family and most importantly, your fiancé. Your smile won’t stop. 

You will be nervous and excited and feel like you have to pee every five minutes. You will probably end up in a bathroom stall with an army of girls holding your dress for you. 

The morning will soon be over and before you know it you will walk down the isle. 

Your family will give you away but only in the sense that you will have a new last name (and have to pay for your own health insurance). 

You will always be theirs. 

You will look into your almost husband’s eyes and you both will hold back tears of joy. While your love story has already seen so many chapters, the bulk of your story is just beginning. 

You will Pray. You will say vows to proclaim your love and commitment. You will remember these vows for the rest of your life.

“I take you”

“I promise to be true to you”

“In sickness and health”

“I will love and honor you”

You will exchange rings and you will seal the deal with a kiss.

Your family and friends will cheer and rejoice as they whiteness what true love looks like. 

You are now a wife. 

You will leave the ceremony with your husband. You won’t believe how fast it went. 

You will dance the night away with your people. The night will be amazing and soon you will go to bed as husband and wife.

Your day will truly be perfect, just like you are.

I have been so fortunate to see your love unfold over these last few years and I can’t wait to see where this new chapter takes you.

While I hope all of your days are wonderful, I hope that today is forever your favorite. 

Remember this day above all others as the best day of your life.

I want you to know that while your husband will be your new best friend, I will always be here for love, support, and the occasional shot of tequila.

I love  you.   

Happy wedding day.


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