Killer Core Workout ft. My Puppies

Back at it today after a great vacation in Colorado! (Easier said than done.) To be honest I was pretty worn out from the trip and didn’t have much energy. My legs were kinda tired…my arms were tired…my brain was tired. So, I decided to do my Killer Core Workout thinking that it would be the best on my body and easiest on my  mind.


I still ended up giving my core a one over and it already hurts to laugh. (The sure sign of a good core workout!) So now I’m extra worn out but in a very good way!

Except for my brain…it still hurts from thinking…

Regardless of how my mind is functioning, I feel like working the core is really important because it plays such a large part in balance and strength in all other exercises. This is why I’m always saying “tighten that core.” A strong core will make all other workouts easier, more effective, and surprisingly safer.

I recommend doing this workout on a yoga mat or other soft surface to protect your lower back.
 When doing any core movements make sure that your neck isn't righted. Relax. Focus your energy on tightening the core and doing slow, controlled, movements.

As always this core workout is good for any experience level and can be completed in about 20 minutes!
Beginner- do each movement for 15 seconds, do entire workout 1x
Moderate- do each movement for 30 seconds, do entire workout 2x
Advanced- do each movement for 45 seconds, do entire workout 3x

Here’s How You Do It:

(Shout out to my fur-babies for making their first modeling appearance on the blog! Couldn’t have done it without them!)

Flutter Kicks

core workout


core workout

Windshield Wipers

core workout

Leg Pull Ins

core workout

Lying Leg Lifts

core workout

Alternate Arm/Leg Plank

core workout


core workout


core workout

Let me know how you like this workout! If you have any questions, leave them in the  comments below!

As always, I hope you’re sore tomorrow!

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