Getting Your Grill On: Foil Packets

So when starting this blog I promised recipes. Lets get one thing straight; I am no Bobby Flay or  Rachael Ray…but I do my best and I will say that  we don’t have many left overs in our house!

I love using my grill! It’s hands down my favorite way to cook. We’re besties. Inseparable. Sometimes I ‘overuse’ him (nice way of saying catch the whole thing on fire) and he keeps on loving me through it.

The best part about grilling is the speed. Prep time usually takes me longer than actual cook time, and even then I can have most meals on the table in about 30 minutes start to finish.

Moral of the story- if  you want a fast dinner that can be made extremely healthy, get a grill.

I’m going to have a  series here on that will run throughout the summer and fall  called Getting Your Grill On. I will share tips and tricks along with some of my favorite recipes. I promise all of the recipes will take less than 30  minutes to  prepare, in order to cater to all of you with a busy life like myself! They will include ideas from side dishes to desserts and everything in between.

Tonight we’re talking grill packets. They are one of my absolute favorite side dishes. There are so many different ways  to manipulate them in order to have a different tasting packet every night.

Pre-prep: Start your grill. By doing this first, your grill will be hot  and ready to go once you’ve finished prep.

Step 1: Get together some veggies. Tonight  I grabbed broccoli, a yellow squash, a zucchini, and a tomato.

foil pack1

Step 2: Cut your veg into  bite size pieces, lightly dress with olive oil (sometimes I use coconut oil instead), and then add your favorite seasonings. Tonight I went simple; salt, pepper, and garlic. Sometimes I will add in Dill, Oregano, Mrs. Dash, or any seasonings for that matter. Honestly it just depends  on the day and  the veggies that I am preparing.

foil pack2

Step 3: Grab your aluminum foil. Tonight since I was making two packets I pulled off two different pieces (about 12″ long). Place your veggies on the foil and wrap everything up.


Step 4: Place your packets onto a hot grill. My grill has a temp gauge so I like to have  that  around 550-600 degrees. Cook for about 7 minutes and then go ahead and move the veggies around within the packet so that  the  pieces on the bottom don’t get burnt. BE CAREFUL  NOT  TO TOUCH THE FOIL WITH BARE HANDS! It will be HOT! I usually just use a couple of forks or a set of tongs. Cook another 5 minutes(approx.).

foil pack3

Step 5: Use tongs to take your packets off of the grill. (Again, they will be hot, so be careful!) I usually have a sheet tray ready so that  I can carry everything into  the house  easily and don’t have to worry about getting burnt. Let your packets sit CLOSED for about 2 minutes in order for them  to cool enough to be handled.

Step 6: Open  up your packets and empty onto a plate! That’s it! You’re done! Time to eat!

foil pack4I would  love it if you  would try out this recipe! Put your own spin on it! Let me know some of your favorite seasonings and vegetables to use!