Do It For The Booty | Glute Workout

We all love a good booty am I right???  Today’s Do it for the Booty | Glute Workout is going to get that rear-end pumped up and ready for those new jeans. While today’s workout is glute focused, you can also expect to feel the burn in your legs as well. It’s a double whammy!

Our legs and glutes are responsible for carrying us around all day so it is important that they are strong. Having your legs and booty look nice are just an added bonus.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love leg day but I might love glute day even more. Between the two, I work  my lower half probably 3 times per week. Not only do I feel like I can get a better pump on my bottom half but I also feel that it gets my heart pumping more than when I work my upper body.

This Do it for he Booty workout can be completed in 30 minutes and requires no equipment, so it is perfect to do in the morning before work, during nap time, or in the evening while watching tv!

Go through the entire workout 3x. After each time take a 30-60 second break.


Keep your core tight! 

Hips parallel with the ground!

Focus on tightening glutes with each movement!

Hold each movement for 1-2 seconds!

Do It For The Booty | Glute Workout

Plie Squat x20


Glute Extension x20 each leg

butt workout

Lunge x20 each leg


Hip Abduction x20 each leg

butt workout

Clam Shell x20

butt workout

Donkey Kick x20 each leg

butt workout

Lateral Donkey Kick x20 each leg

butt workout

Glute Bridge x50

butt workout

Give this workout a try!

Do it for you!  Do it for your significant other! No matter what, JUST DO IT!

Let me know some of your favorite booty-pumping  exercises!

I  hope you’re sore tomorrow!

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