Grandparent’s Day DIY Gift

Today is Grandparent’s Day!!! Did you remember? If not we have the perfect DIY gift for you and the kids to give! This Grandparent’s Day DIY only took  about 30 minutes to make!

This is Kreed’s very first Grandparent’s Day and I wanted to do something special for the grandparents in his life!

Of  course, I looked through Pinterest but didn’t really find anything that I LOVED. So off to Walmart we went. After going through the art section (which was totally bare…sooo excited to be getting a Hobby Lobby!) we found a few things to make our own picture gift!

Here’s what we ended up  with:

  • 6×6 Canvas Boards
  • Paint Marker
  • 4×6 Photos
  • Thin Ribbon for Trim
  • Brushable Super Glue
  • Paint (we used a matte acrylic)
  • Sponge Brushes

Things we used but already had:

  • Newspaper
  • Magic Markers
  • Scissors

Here’s how we made it:

Step 1- Lay out newspaper and gather materials!


Step 2- Paint the canvases the color of choice and allow to dry for a few minutes.


Step 3- While the canvases are drying, cut ribbon to appropriate length. I made them long  enough so that they could curl around the back of the  canvas to provide a more finished look.


Step 4- Once the canvases are dry, brush the 4 edges on the back of the photo with super glue and stick to the canvas. Hold for about 10 seconds to make sure that they are secure.


Step 5- Brush super glue along the top of the photo and add ribbon. Hold the ribbon in place for about 10 seconds. Next, repeat this step on the  bottom of the photo. Turn the canvas over and glue the excess ends to the back of the canvas.


Step 6- Decorate the canvas! This is really fun! If you have older kids, they  can decorate them however they would like! Because Kreed is too little  to paint or anything, I just wrote ‘Kreed’s 1st Grandparent’s Day’ on all of the canvases and added some polka dots.


Step 7- Deliver them to the grandparents!

Grandparent's Day

I promise you that any grandparent (or parent, friend, ANYONE) will love  this gift. I always find that gifts that are homemade, have special  meaning, or are personalized are always big hits!

There are so many different options as far as size, colors, and ribbon, that this gift could  be used for many different occasions! Instead of “Grandparent’s Day”, any holiday could be substituted!

Would you be interested in seeing  more DIY projects?? Let me know in the comments below!