Kettlebell Workout | Lower Body

A couple of weeks ago, by request, I shared some of my favorite kettlebell exercises for the upper body. Today I’m revisiting that kettlebell but instead for the lower body!

This lower body focused workout will target your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. In other words, it’s a full service workout!

I love using the kettlebell! It adds just enough resistance without requiring a lot of equipment (let’s be real, not many of us have an at home gym.)

For those of you who haven’t worked with a kettlebell before, it is a weighted ball with a handle.

You can purchase them at almost any sporting goods store,Target and Walmart for around $15 (depending on size/weight).

 So you don’t have a kettlebell and aren’t sure if you want to buy one?? Try using a gallon of milk for now!

It is really important to have a kettlebell that is an appropriate weight in order to prevent injury. For reference; I use an 8lb or 10lb bell while my husband uses 15lbs.

For today’s workout I’m going to show you some of my favorite lower body kettlebell movements combined together to create a great 30 minute at home workout!

Remember that form is crucial! Make sure that you can do the movements without swinging you body. If you find yourself swinging, you might want to get a lighter kettlebell! Be sure to keep everything tight as you perform the exercises. This includes your core!!

As always; this workout can be modified for any experience level!

Beginners: go through workout 1x with 15 seconds rest between each exercise.

Moderate: go through workout 2-3x with 15 seconds rest between each exercise.

Advanced: go through workout 3x with no rest between each exercise. Get that heart rate up! Take a short 1 minute rest between each set.

Here’s how to do it:

Plié Squat x25

leg workout leg workout

Lunge Pass Through x15 each leg (stay in lunge possession)

leg workout leg workout

Squated Figure 8s x20 Rounds

leg workout leg workout

Kettlebell Swings x25

leg workout leg workout

Sumo High Pulls x25

leg workout leg workout

Calf Raises x25 (Regular/Toes Apart/Toes Together)

leg workout leg workout leg workout

I can promise that you will be sore tomorrow!!

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