Labor Day Leg Day | Leg Workout

For this Labor Day workout we’re at the lake and we’re doing legs! The scenery is great, there are plenty of people to workout with (even though Jesse was the only one who braved modeling again), and there is no better motivation than the summing suits we’ll  be putting on later in the day!

No worries campers, workers, or those of you hanging out at home today; this workout can be done anytime, anywhere!

For today’s Labor Day Leg Day workout we will be using two common exercises, squats and lunges. Sound like a piece of cake? Don’t be fooled by the simplicity; this workout is amazing and burns so good!

You will feel the results in your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, so we are really utilizing the whole lower body!

We will be incorporating a lot of movement into our leg workout so make sure that your form is on point! Never let those knees pass over your toes and keep your core tight!

As always this leg day workout can be tailored to any experience level!
 Beginners: Go through workout 2x
 Moderate: Go through workout 4x
 Advanced: Go through workout 6x

Walking Lunges x 1 minute

leg workout

Crab Walk x 30 seconds each side

leg workout

Lateral Walking Lunges x 20 seconds each side

leg workout

Squatted Frog Jumps x 1 minute

leg workout

Reverse Walking Lunge x 1 minute

leg workout

Rest and Repeat!

I hope you enjoy this Labor Day Leg Day!!! Share it will all of your friends and family so that they can enjoy as well!

And of course, I hope you’re sore tomorrow!!!!

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