How To: Make a Walk a Workout

Thank the Lord; Fall is here! Finally the weather is cooling off and Kreed and I are back to our daily walks!!

I think that walking really gets a bad rep as being easy or lazy. I don’t find that to be true at all! Just like anything else, it is what YOU make it!

Before Kreed was born Jesse and I knew how important a stroller would be to our family. We knew that we would take it everywhere, especially on walks because we already took nightly walks with our three fur-children. So, Jesse did some serious research and we ended up with an awesome B.O.B jogging stroller.

When Kreed was born in March we started waking about a week afterwards. I believe that these walks along with breastfeeding played a huge roll in getting my pre-baby body back! In the 6 short months that he has been here we have probably put over 200 miles on his stroller.

Not exaggerating.

Not only does Kreed love being outside and usually take an awesome nap while we walk but I also get in a really good workout!

It’s a win, win.


Our typical walks involve going from our house to Jesse’s work, which is about 2 1/2 to 3 miles depending on the route that we take.

I make the walk more of a ‘workout’ by keeping a good pace and hitting as many hills as possible! This keeps my heart rate elevated and gets the sweat rolling!

I have also started focusing on squeezing my glutes with every step! This will help plump up that booty!!

Sometimes, if I’m not feeling self conscious about the possible stares from strangers, I’ll incorporate lunges, side squats, and short sprints into the walk.

No baby? No worries! Going a good walk can be done solo, with a friend, or with the family dog! (Or 3 in our case.)

Walks are great for anyone, especially those who are just starting their active lifestyle! The whole point is to get out and get moving!

An active lifestyle = a healthy lifestyle!

Put on some shoes!

Hit the streets!

Enjoy the weather!

Get that workout in! 


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