& You Will Be a Momma’s Boy

Before Kreed was born I was very opinionated about things I would and wouldn’t take part in as a mom.

I swore I would never let him watch TV, yet we have Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Clubhouse singing to us every morning. I was certain that I wouldn’t breastfeed because I felt like my modesty wouldn’t allow it; but here we are, 5 months in and doing great! Co-sleeping just wouldn’t happen…but then I experienced baby cuddles first hand and now I find myself cuddling my sweet boy nightly.

Most of all, I refused to believe that I would raise Kreed to be a Momma’s Boy. Now that I look back I can’t even really understand what I had against it or what I based my opinion on. Perhaps I was afraid that he wouldn’t be strong and independent? Maybe I was fearful that he would only reach for me and not his daddy?

But now he’s here.
Things have changed.

mommas boy

I should’ve known all along that this is how it would turn out. After all, my husband is a huge Momma’s Boy, as is his dad, and they are the most amazing men I know. Why would I want to raise our son to be anything different?

I am quickly realizing that being a Momma’s Boy has nothing to do with strength or independence or a lack there of. Being a Momma’s Boy is putting others before yourself. It’s being compassionate. It is wearing your heart on your sleeve and taking others’ feelings into consideration.

A Momma’s Boy can play football and work on cars and lift weights. They drive big trucks and rough house with their brothers. They can use power tools and build things without the instructions (sometimes).

I’m learning that A Momma’s Boy has to be strong, has to be independent.

baby boybaby

A Momma’s Boy turns to their mom for advice and unconditional love, but is best friends with their dad and longs to be just like him one day.

A Momma’s Boy makes the best man.

They love their family and will love their wife and children. They will go out of their way to put a smile on someone’s face if they know that they’ve had a rough day. They are gentle and loving but can be firm when needed.

They send flowers for no reason and ask God for direction when they need it.

A Momma’s Boy will work every second of the day for someone else if that means that their family is taken care of. A Momma’s Boy would give their last dime to a stranger who needed it more than they did.

I could go on and on about the things I’ve learned by watching my husband and father-in-law be Momma’s Boys.


So Kreed, please follow in your daddy’s footsteps as he followed in your grandpa’s. Someday a baby boy might follow in yours.

Come to me for love and guidance and even the occasional cuddle (even when you’re grown). Go to daddy for companionship and fun. Watch what he does and learn from it.

Love me forever as I will love you.
Play nice with others.
Use kind words.
Don’t be afraid to get dirt on your hands but make sure you wash up before dinner.
Work hard.
Tell the truth even when you don’t want to.
Put God first and next your family.

If you do these things, you will be strong and independent.

You will be a Momma’s Boy.

mommas boy