A New Age, A New Goal | 26 Weeks of 26

Not to be vein but….


I am so excited to say that I am so incredibly happy with where my life is at this point. I have an amazing relationship with God, my family, husband and son. I am so fortunate that I get to spend my days being a full time mom.

But!!!! (Yes, always a but…)

For the past several years I’ve created goals for myself as a new age started. Much like Lent but instead of 40 days of no candy or ranch dressing (yes I did this one year…and yes…it was hard.), I try to create goals to better myself as a person mentally, physically and emotionally.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I crave success. I strive for perfection even if ‘perfect’ is unrealistic. I want to be a good person, who doesn’t? I believe that these yearly goals help me get closer to that success and perfection that I desire. 

In saying that; I am a firm believer that accountability plays a huge role in a persons’ success.

Therefore, I’m sharing this year’s goal with all of you in hopes that you will keep me accountable and possibly even join in on my goal and I can reciprocate that accountability for YOU!

Ok Lenae let’s get on with the show, what is the goal!?

This year I’m going to take the first 26 weeks of my 26th year and devote them to my physical health and the health of those around me. I don’t think that I need to lose a bunch of weight or become vegan, but I do think that I could tone up a bit more and eat better. I also have a passion for health and fitness that I would love to share with all of you, so why not combine my personal goal with that passion for others?

So why only 26 weeks? 

Change takes time and 26 weeks just so happens to be equivalent to about half of a year. At that point I will be able to better reflect on how the goal is going and what I should do to make the last half of the year more successful. By evaluating myself at the half way point and making adjustments according to what is and isn’t working for me, I can create a lifestyle that is easy to maintain long term. After all, a lifestyle change is what my stance on health and fitness is all about.

And why only physical health?

I think that a persons’ physical health plays a key role in their mental and emotional health as well. When I am on my ‘A game’ as far as working out and eating right I feel great. My body feels healthy and energized. My self esteem is boosted. I’m happier. I’m better able to cope with stress and anxiety and I seem to receive more compliments (sounds vein, I know) which always put a smile on my face and smiles are contagious.

How can you help me stay accountable?

I am hoping to do bi-weekly posts with updates about my progress. These posts will include progress photos and diet and exercise updates. I want to be transparent with all of you about what is and isn’t working for me as well as possible failures I had during that time.


What do you think?

Do you want to join in and spend the next 26 weeks bettering your health as well!?

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We can do this!