Push-ups | 30 Minute Upper Body Workout

Push-ups are one of the first exercises we learn in life. (My husband has already been showing my son how to do them and he’s only four months old.) I think the reason is that they are pretty simple, yet have the potential to give great results.

I love doing push-ups for my at home upper body day. They are like the magic movement.  This workout reaches not only my chest, but my biceps, triceps, back and core as well. I  can get it done quickly during nap time and you can bet I wont be hauling in groceries the next day! (Ouch!) The best part? No equipment needed!

Today we’re going to combine 5 different styles of push-ups to make for one kick-butt workout. And, you guessed it, it will be done in 30 minutes or less!

As always, form is crucial. Be sure to keep your back straight, head aligned with your spine, and elbows in towards your body. Keep your muscles tightened to really engage the core and back.

Beginners- Go through the workout 1-2 times. Do entire series on your knees.

Moderate- Go through the workout 2 times. Start with your knees off of the ground and go down to them when you need to!

Advanced- Go through the workout 3 times. Stay off of your knees as long as possible.

Regular Push-ups x10

Diamond Push-ups x10

Wide Push-ups x10

Decline Push-ups x10
(I use a chair, but get creative, use anything in your house  that might work! Keep in mind the higher the surface, the harder it will be.)

 Incline Push-ups x10

Let me know how you like this upper body workout! What are some of your favorite ways to work your upper body?

I hope you’re sore tomorrow!

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