September Twenty First | Faith. Hope. Love. Family

September Twenty-First.

Today marks two really exciting milestones in our family:

  1. Jesse and I have been married for 3 years
  2. Kreed is 6 months old

I sit here and replay the last three years of our life and am amazed at how many things we have been through and overcome.

Our wedding day was most certainly the best day of my life and a day that I will never forget. My best friend became my husband.

It’s so cliche but so true.


Many of you know that Jesse and I have been together for almost 9 years now but many of you don’t know some of the things that we faced during that time that created the friendship that we share.


I believe that every marriage should be based upon a solid and unbreakable friendship.

In our younger days there were many things about my life, both good and bad, that only Jesse knew and he loved me regardless. He pushed me through some really tough times and taught me so much about what life could be.

He taught me love. 

He taught me family. 

He taught me hope.

He taught me faith.

I remember back to our first ‘official’ date. We went to his younger brothers track meet. That’s right. We didn’t go out to dinner or to a movie…we spent the evening with his family. From that day forward his family embraced me and we became closer than I ever dreamed possible.

Our family is the most important thing.

There were times when I would be having a rough time and he would drive the two and a half hours home from college just to help me through. He always knew just what to say. He could instill a hope in me that would’ve otherwise been gone.

Above all, Jesse has loved me even when I have struggled to love myself. Between self-esteem struggles, anxiety issues, spending far too much money on clothes, and the big one; infertility, Jesse’s love and commitment to our friends hip and marriage has never wavered.


Now we have Kreed. How he’s been here for six months I’ll never know. I look at photos and swear he was just born yesterday. I have been with him nearly every minute of everyday, yet I feel like I have missed so much. 


While I feel like our married life has flown by, I can say without hesitation that our time as parents has gone exponentially faster.

I can’t be sure if that is because we spent the majority of our marriage longing for this baby boy or because all children grow up too fast.

One thing I am sure of is that my husband is the best father to my son and my son is the best blessing that we could’ve ever dreamed of.

In these six short months this boy of ours has continued to show the power of family. And love. And hope. And most of all; f.a.i.t.h.

His smile lights up the room and his laugh is contagious.

baby boy

A Creed is a statement of Faith. OUR Kreed is a statement of OUR faith…

…and our love

…and our hope

…and mostly, our family.

newborn family family

Happy anniversary Jesse and happy half birthday to our Kreed. You boys make my world turn and I look forward to all of the exciting days in our future!

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