Go Sleep With Them

All too often, after the rest of the family is sound asleep, I find myself going in and out of social media rabbit holes. Cute babies, food recipes, kid friendly activities, and the occasional story that truly tugs at my heartstrings and changes my perspective on things.

Let me start by explaining that our entire household has been battling the flu for the past week. It hit Jesse first and although I made a valiant effort to keep the germs away, it got Kreed and I in the days following. So to summarize, our home has been a wreck and life has been a little rough for us. 

Last night after a day cuddling a sick, cranky baby all day, disinfecting our house 10000000x, dinner, clean up, and bedtime, I sat down and cozied into the world of Facebook. 

And then it happened.

A rabbit hole only God could send my way. (Everything truly does happen for a reason, people.) 

This wasn’t one of fashion, or photos, or what the Kardashians were up to. I found a story of a boy who is from a town near by that is currently fighting for his life due to cancer. He is maybe three years old. 

It seems that this fight has been going on for quite some time but just recently the cancer got to the point where the family is trying to find a way to get their baby boy home for one last time. 

One. Last. Time.

The boy’s mother is one of great faith and in each post talks about how God has his hand in the situation and His will is good. 

She is the definition of a Strong Mom. 

How dare I even begin to think that I had a hard day? Kreed may be sick and he may be cranky but in a couple of days he will be fine and I will be able to play with him and cuddle him and in the summer we will go to the zoo and see animals and life. will. be. good. 

This little boy may not make it to the summer. And what will happen to his mother then…his father…his brother and sister? They will wish they had a baby boy at home to love and play with even if it meant he was sick and cranky. 

After an hour of reading and reflecting and praying for this little boy and his family. I got up. I grabbed blankets, pillows, and couch cushions. I went to Kreed’s bedroom. I made a bed on his floor and I slept with him. To be honest I spent a lot of time peering into his crib and looking at him. His sweet hands and mouth and those long lashes. I am blessed.

What a gift he is.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed so we must be grateful for what life gives us today. 

Hug your children extra tight, sleep with them on their floor, love them through their bad days and don’t wallow in your seemingly rough situation. Somewhere out there, someone is dealing with true devastation.

Our children are here and that is enough. Thank God for giving you another day with them to laugh and cry and see their sweet hands and feet. 

Some aren’t so lucky. 

Now, go and sleep with them…but before you do, please say a prayer for this boy and his family. Raise them up and ask for God’s healing hand and I will do the same.

 For more information on the family, click  here for their Facebook page.
sleep with them