Stair HIIT Workout

“I workout so I can  climb the stairs of Hogwarts.”

I saw this meme recently and it had me laughing and then also got my brain turning. Stairs are everywhere! I have stairs to my basement and I see people working out at my local college stadium doing stair workouts all of the time.

Pre-Kreed I used to love a good stair workout so it is finally time to revisit them.

Today I’m going to provide you with my favorite stair workout. It is designed to work the whole body by doing body weight exercises during ‘rest periods’. We will also get that heart pumping by utilizing HIIT  (high intensity interval training).

No equipment will be needed for this workout. All you need is that bod, 30 minutes, and a set of stairs.

As always, this workout can be tailored for any experience level. It doesn’t  matter if you’re just starting out or the most advanced athlete. In order to do that we are going to change the amount of times that  we run up and down the stairs between each ‘rest period’.

Beginners- Run Up the Stairs 1x and Walk back Down; Go through entire workout 1x

Moderate- Run Up the Stairs 2x and Alternate Walking and Jogging back Down (1st time jog down, 2nd time walk down, 3rd time jog down);  Go through entire workout 2x

Advanced- Run Up the Stairs 3x and Jog back Down; Go through entire workout 3x (or more)

Stairs HIIT Workout

Run Stairs (1, 2 or 3x)

Tricep Dips x25 (at bottom)

Run Stairs 2 Stairs at a Time (1, 2, or 3x)

Lunge x15 Each Leg (at bottom)

Run Stairs (1, 2, or 3x)

Push Ups x25 (at bottom)

Run Stairs 2 Stairs at a Time (1, 2, or 3x)

Squat x25 (at bottom)

 Run Stairs (1,2, or 3x)

Calf Raises x25 (at bottom)

Run Stairs 2 Stairs at a Time (1, 2, or 3x)

Alternating Toe Taps x25 (at bottom)

Run Stairs (1, 2, or 3x)

If that doesn’t get your sweat glands rolling then it’s time to step up the intensity! I love this workout and hope that you enjoy it as well!

Of course, I hope you’re sore tomorrow! 

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