Why, God? | Chats with the Big Man

Hi, God.

It’s me, God.

Some things have been happening lately that I just need help understanding. 

I saw on the news about a small one month old baby who lost his life far too soon at the hands of his own parents. They beat and tortured him. 

He didn’t know love in this world.

He didn’t know safety.

He didn’t know peace.

Why, God?

Why did this innocent baby have to endure such suffering?

Why do cruel, terrible, disgusting people like these get to receive the blessing of a child?

I believe that there are so many deserving people out there who would cherish Your gift to the fullest extent.

Why don’t You give them a baby, God?

Why, God?

We know a man who just joined You in Heaven after fighting many battles over the past several years. He was a husband, a grandpa, a father and a son. 

He was a good man. 

A man of Faith. 

He was young and offered so much to this world.

Why did he have to go so soon, God?

There are murderers and drug dealers and abusers walking our streets. Why can’t You take them instead?

My father in law would tell me that it is because You can’t take all the bad ones. 

Why, God?

My best friend’s daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While most of her days are filled with joy and happiness, there are still too many that are filled with confusion and struggle.

Why, God?

To this question I think I may already know the answer….

Is it because You knew that she would change the lives of those around her?

Did You know that we would watch her grow and learn new things everyday and become incredibly inspired by her?

Is it because You wanted to show our community just how important it is to be open minded and embrace those who are different than us? 

Did You want to teach us what true unconditional love really looks like? 

Why, God?

I know that it isn’t my place to question You, God. I know that You have a plan. We all have a story that has already been written. 

I know it. 

I believe it. 

I can feel it.

Forgive me for not accepting Your plan as it is.

I trust that you know my Faith in You is strong and my love for You grows by the day…but…there are still times that I find myself asking You; Why, God?